Seemless sharing with
Contactless Card

Virtual Business Cards, being a contactless card can be shared seemlessly among users, customers and business partners without having a chance to infect people during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Although we have focused on some of the benefits of using virtual business cards including no damage/loss, unlimited sharing and easy to update, we are listing some more features of the contactless virtual cards below in brief. Take a look on features listed below.

The card has awesome

Why contactless visiting cards?

Contactless Visitng Cards are essential to keep you safe from diseases that spread with touch. With virtual visiting card you can gain more customer reach and your customers can reach you back right from your digital business card. They can send their reviews/ ratings, they can send enquiries, and most interesting thing is unlike the classic printed cards they can share your card amongst others.

Unlike the printed classic cards, this card can take you business to the new heights, making a new identity and standard of your business.

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